Adapting Education Benefits to Meet Business Demands

September 13, 2016, 2pm-3pm ET



Featured Speakers:

Barbara Naples, Executive Director
Benefits, Baylor College of Medicine

Research hub, clinical facility, medical school: Baylor College of Medicine is three organizations in one. The organization attracts leaders in their field from 180 countries and invests heavily to keep them.

 One key to that retention strategy is an evolving set of employee benefits.

 Join this webinar to hear how Baylor has adapted a tuition reimbursement program into a set of education benefits with diverse employee appeal and strong business impact... and hear what their team is evaluating next.

 By attending, you’ll gain insights into:

  • Adapting education programs to address competitive pressures
  • Driving the right employee behaviors through your program policy
  • Matching employee feedback to business needs to enhance your benefits

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Chris Duchesne, VP Client Services & Marketing,




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